7 Best Fingerprint Locks

7 Best Fingerprint Door Locks

It can be extremely inconvenient to have to constantly search for your keys in your purse or your pockets in order to unlock the door to your house. Not only that, but practically everyone has lost their keys in their home at some point. If you’ve related to any of these issues, you may find it beneficial to utilize a fingerprint door lock.

Fingerprint door locks have the capability to provide you with the convenience to unlock your door without needing keys, since they only require you to place your finger on a smart pad. These smart pads are able to successfully read your fingerprint, and then they unlock the door if the correct fingerprint is placed on it. You might see some of the suggested locks in our recent best padlock article.

Given the convenience of never needing your keys again as well as the idea that no one else in the world has the same fingerprint as you, you’re recommended to consider purchasing a fingerprint door lock. But can be difficult to choose the best one for your needs. Consequently, here is some further information regarding fingerprint door locks as well as the best fingerprint door locks on the market.

Benefits of Using Fingerprint Locks

Multiple fingerprints

Fingerprint door locks are extremely beneficial for you because they have the ability to store multiple different fingerprints in their database, which can prevent you from having to get additional copies of your keys made. Not only that, but this gives you the ability to pick and choose who can have access to your house or certain rooms in your house.

Maximized security

These door locks are highly beneficial for you because they provide your house with maximized security, since no one has the same fingerprint as you. Aside from requiring a fingerprint to gain access into your house, some door locks also offer additional features, like smart deadbolts, fingerprint verification, PIN codes, or other additional security measures.

Easy to change locks

Since fingerprint locks only require your fingerprint in order to unlock the door, they don’t require you to pay a large sum of money in order to have your locks changed. In order to change the lock for fingerprint locks, you’re only required to log in to the database and edit the saved fingerprints.

Can be used on a variety of doors

Fingerprint locks have the ability to used on a variety of different doors. More specifically, you or your local professional locksmith can install fingerprint locks on doors in various different locations, including indoor and outdoor, and on various different rooms, including bedrooms, bathrooms, offices, and even closets.


Fingerprint locks are capable of using customized technology, so some of the door lock features can be conveniently controlled through an iPad inside the house, on your laptop, or even from your phone.

Factors to Consider Before Purchasing a Fingerprint Door Lock


You should consider the certain location of the doors that you’re planning on installing the door lock. For instance, if you need to place the door lock on your front door, then you may want to consider one that is waterproof or has outdoor qualities, since it’s outside.

Additional security

Considering the total amount of security that the fingerprint door lock offers is important because some products that offer more security are able to prevent people from getting into your house. More specifically, some products offer you the ability to type in a PIN, come with a key lock, and some even have additional fingerprint verification features that can further prevent someone from accessing your house.

Number of fingerprints

You should consider the number of fingerprints that the certain database for the fingerprint door lock can store. Certain products are only capable of storing a certain number of fingerprints, limiting the number of people that are able to get into your house. If you have a larger family or have a larger number of people that need to have access to your house, then you should consider purchasing a door lock that’s able to store more fingerprints.

Alarm features

There will most likely be people that will try to gain access into your house without having the right fingerprint or access code, so it’s important to consider a door lock that has an alarm feature. Some come with built-in alarms that sound when the wrong fingerprint is used, while others will require that you purchase an alarm separately.

How it’s powered

Most fingerprint locks are powered using electricity, but you should consider whether it has an emergency means of protection for when your house doesn’t have power. When your electricity goes out, your house will still need to be locked and protected, so you should consider purchasing a door lock that has an emergency supply terminal.

Product Reviews

1. AIGURD Smart Lock Fingerprint Biometric Door Lock

The AIGURD Smart Fingerprint Door Lock is highly recommended for you to check out because it gives you the ability to secure a door in three different ways, including either fingerprint entry, keyless code, or a mechanical key. Given that, you have the freedom to choose whether you want to use one of the three ways for your convenience.

In addition to that, this door lock is recommended for you because it uses a TI chip that’s made of premium quality, since it’s even used by the US Military. This chip comes with more than 2,000 collection points and has an identification process of less than half a second. You can also easily install this door lock, since it comes with an installation guide.


  • Keyless deadbolt lock fits doors measuring 1.25 to 2.25 inches thick
  • Uses premium quality TI chip
  • Waterproof and dust-proof


  • Previous customers complain that it was difficult to install, even while following the instructions

2. Lockly Bluetooth Keyless Entry Smart Door Lock

This product is recommended for you to consider purchasing because you have the ability to lock and unlock your door while using your phone. For instance, you can easily unlock and lock your door by using Bluetooth on your phone.

If you don’t have your phone with you, this lock also gives you the ability to type in a 6-8 digit access code on its touchscreen pad. There are also two backup keys that you can use if that way is more convenient for you.

In addition to these benefits, this product has an advanced 3D fingerprint sensor that uses an electrical current to form an image of your fingerprint. This allows for maximized security for the device.


  • Comes with a secure smart lock deadbolt
  • Works with iOS and Android phones
  • WiFi hub can be purchased separately for your convenience


  • More expensive than some of the other door locks

3. ZKTeco Electronic Biometric Fingerprint Keyless Door Lock

You should check out the ZKTeco door lock because it comes in a rugged, sleek, and compact design for your convenience. It has a reversible design that gives you the ability to install the door lock on practically any door, since it can open a door in any direction.

In addition to that, this door lock has no wiring, so it’s able to be installed within a few easy steps. Not only that, but it’s also a single latch door construction, so you only have to press the handle in order to open the door. This gives ultimate easy access while also offering maximized security.


  • Easy access, since you only have to press the handle once to open the door
  • Affordable
  • Has a key for additional entry


  • Doesn’t have the ability to be opened using a key access code

4. HARFO Fingerprint and Touchscreen Keyless Smart Lever Door Lock

The HARFO door lock is classified as a fingerprint door lock that comes with an OLED display as well as a voice guide. Because of that, you can easily open the door with your fingerprint, access card, code, or a backup key. You also have the ability to store up to 300 other users’ fingerprints into the device.

Furthermore, this product comes with a reversible handle that can fit either a left handed or right handed single latch door. The deadbolt button provides maximum security, since it only allows admin users to gain access to inside the door. You can even track the entry record of everyone that tries to gain access through the fingerprint screening.


  • Comes with a reversible handle
  • Has a 3D fingerprint scanner for 99.86% accuracy
  • Gives you the option to use either your fingerprint, a key, code, or access card to gain entry


  • Uses electricity for operation, and it doesn’t come with a backup terminal in case of power outage

5. Full Kits Biometric Fingerprint Password Access Control Systems

This fingerprint door lock is one of the most beneficial products because it’s easily installed, since it comes with a detailed video guide that explains how to install the device. Not only that, but there is also an online support system that you can contact 24/7 if you have any additional questions about installation that the video doesn’t answer.

Moreover, this door lock system gives you a variety of different entry option to utilize, including fingerprint access control, an RFID card, or by using a password. You also have the ability to download all of the entry records, so you can see who tries to gain entry into the door.


  • Fingerprint sensor works with either wet or dry fingerprints
  • User capacity of 3,000 users
  • Comes with a video for easy installation


  • Only compatible with doors located inside

6. Fingerprint Smart Door Lock

This door lock device is suggested for you because it’s able to fit practically any door, since it can fit both right and left handle doors. Not only that, but this product requires no wiring and no drilling, so it can be easily installed.

Furthermore, this device only requires that you use one touch in order to unlock the door, so you can quickly get into your house or room with only one touch. It also presents a maximized security system, since it locks around three seconds after you close the door. This prevents you from having to manually lock the door by yourself.


  • Affordable
  • Locks 3 seconds after closing
  • Easy installation, since it requires no wires or drilling


  • User capacity is only 100

7. (2 Pack) Ultraloq Bluetooth Fingerprint and Touchscreen Smart Lock

You’re highly requested to check out this product because it comes with two individual door lock devices that can be installed on two separate doors in your house. It gives you the ability to use five different entry options to choose from, including either fingerprint scanning, user code, smartphone, knocking, or using a key.

Furthermore, you should also consider this device because it’s completely waterproof, so it can successfully be sued for outdoor or indoor use. It can also store up to 95 fingerprints as well as 95 individual codes at a time. Given that, there is maximized security with the devices included in this product.


  • Reversible lever
  • Waterproof and dust-proof
  • Stores up to 95 fingerprints as well as 95 codes at a time


  • More expensive than some other door locks on the market

Overall fingerprint locks are becoming more and more popular and is being used by a lot of people.  Each of these products are classified as the best fingerprint door locks because of their ability to provide you with convenience, smart technology, as well as affordability. More specifically, each of these products is easy to use and setup, and they prevent you from having to use keys in order to unlock your doors. Because of these benefits as well as the great prices of these products, you should review this list and then consider purchasing one of the best fingerprint door locks in this list.