Best Storage Locks

Top 5 Best Storage Unit Locks – Lock Tips to Keep Your Belonging Secured

If you have some of your things stored in a storage unit, you have most likely thought about whether anyone could break-in and steal your belongings inside. Even though most storage units have security cameras, it can still be tough to identify the people responsible for committing the burglary.

To prevent this from happening, you should consider investing in the best padlock for your storage unit. Padlocks can stop other people from having the ability to break-in to your storage unit and mess with your things. As we discussed in our previous blog, it is important we choose a good quality lock which is a good fit lock with anti-lock bumping features.

But there are many different storage unit locks on the market that are produced using various materials, having different designs, and even ones that function differently. Because of that, it can be challenging to choose one that works best for your needs. You can also check out our guide about going with a fingerprint door lock, but it can be a bit more expensive. Without any interuptions, Here is some further information about padlocks as well as five of the best storage unit locks on the market.

Types Of Storage Unit Locks

Standard Padlocks

Padlocks contain an outer casing that encloses that inside compartment of the lock. They also contain a shackle that is responsible for locking the padlock, which is able to withstand any tampering. Not only that, but the shackle is also produced with a material that is highly resistant to cutting.

Closed Shackle Padlock

These locks are produced because of some people’s ability to cut through the shackle on standard padlocks. Closed shackle padlocks function similarly to padlocks, but the locking part of the shackle is covered in order to prevent anyone from having the ability to cut the lock off. Additionally, the shackle on closed padlocks is usually thicker, shorter, and is covered with a casing that protects the lock.

Open Shackle Padlock

As compared to standard padlocks and closed shackle padlocks, open padlocks present a style in which the majority of the shackle is exposed. In order to prevent people from having the ability to cut through the shackle on these locks, the shackle is composed of a thick and high-security material that’s able to withstand any tampering. They are also produced with various different materials, including molybdenum, boron, solid steel, brass, and some are even made from plastic.

Disc Padlock

Disc locks are shaped like a disc and have a bar that’s in the shape of a “U” that locks into place. They are difficult to break with a bolt cutter, and they can either have a key or a pin combination to unlock it.

Storage Lock Benefits

  • Safety: they protect your storage unit as well as your things inside of the unit
  • No rust: the lock won’t rust with the coating on it, whether the storage unit is indoors or outdoors
  • Keys are difficult to copy: most keys have multiple pins, so they’re hard to create copies of
  • Some locks don’t even require a key: instead of requiring a key, some storage locks have a combination code



You should consider the size of the lock before you choose one, since the bigger the lock is, the more secure it is. Bigger locks are also more resistant to weather, tampering, and rust.

Strength to weight ratio

Having a lock that weighs little while offering the most strength will be the most beneficial for you.


The stronger the material, the more durable and secure the lock is. You should consider purchasing a lock that’s produced with either steel or brass. You also want one that has weather resistant coatings on them to prevent rust.

Anti-drill plate

Instead of cutting the shackle, some people try to drill through the padlock in order to break it open and unhinge the shackle. To prevent that from occurring, you’ll want a lock that comes with a plate that’s resistant to drills. Most of these locks will have a hardened steel plate around the lock.

5 Best Storage Unit Locks

1. Key Stainless Steel Padlocks
You’re highly advised to check out this padlock because it’s produced with a stainless steel construction, and it even has a hardened steel plate to provide maximum security. This product comes with two padlocks that you not only have the ability to use on your storage unit, but you can also use the other padlock on various other things, such as security boxes, rooms in your house, and even on file cabinets in an office.

In addition to these benefits, these padlocks come in a circular design that is small and lightweight, while even providing maximized strength. Given that, these padlocks’ strength-to-weight ratio is perfect for you to use. Moreover, they are also resistant to various different weather conditions, since they are resistant to rust, corrosion, and offer long-lasting protection for storage units that are both indoors and outdoors.

Furthermore, these padlocks present you with a compact design that is both safe and convenient for you to utilize for your storage unit. Each padlock is small and measures only 2.75 inches wide. Not only that, but each of the two padlocks included in this product also comes with two keys each that are all similar. Given that, you have a total of 4 keys for all of the padlocks altogether.


Constructed using a stainless steel material
Comes with 2 padlocks that each come with 2 additional keys, giving you 4 keys in total
Has almost 4,000 pounds of cut resistance


There’s no outer coating on the shackle to prevent it from being cut with a bolt cutter

2. 4 Digit Combination Disc Padlock
These padlocks are highly recommended for you because this product comes with two padlocks that you can utilize not only on your storage unit, but also at your house on any doors. These padlocks can be used either indoors or outdoors, since they are resistant to any rust, corrosion, and they’re also resistant to any freezing.

In addition to these benefits, these padlocks come with a stainless steel construction as well as a shackle that’s produced with hardened steel material that increases its strength. These padlocks are also keyless, since they give you the ability to punch in a pin combination in order to unlock it.

Furthermore, these padlocks are heavy-duty and minimize the amount of shackle that is exposed to the public. Because of that, thieves that want to break-in to your storage unit by cutting the shackle are prevented from doing do with only a small amount of the shackle exposed.

This one can be used as a locker lock aswell. You can also read more about choosing the best locker lock article after this!


Doesn’t require use of a key, since these padlocks have pin combinations
Resistant to rust, corrosion, and even freezing during the cooler months
The amount of shackle exposed is minimal, preventing other people from having the ability to cut it with a bolt cutter


Doesn’t have an anti-drill plate

3. Master Lock 2-Pack ProSeries with a Hidden Shackle
The Master Lock ProSeries is recommended for you to check out because it comes with two high-security padlocks that you can use for a variety of different purposes. Not only that, but you also have the option to order more than just two padlocks when you order this product. More specifically, you can choose to order up to a 10 pack of these padlocks when you purchase them online.

Furthermore, these padlocks have shackles that are nearly impossible to cut through, since they’re produced with zinc die-cast. There is also hardened boron alloy in the shackle in order to further prevent anyone from cutting through your padlock. Not only that, but the shackle also comes with a solid iron shroud.

The Master Lock ProSeries padlocks have 6-pin cylindered with spool pins that can prevent anyone from having the ability to break-in to your storage unit by tampering with the key hole. You can also purchase this lock with additional BumpStop Technology that gives your further protection.


Comes with 2 padlocks, and gives you the option to purchase even more at the checkout
Shackle is produced with hardened boron alloy as well as a solid iron shroud
Has a high-security 6-pin cylinder key hole


More expensive than some of the other products on the market

4. Master Lock Padlock Magnum Stainless Steel Discus Lock
You’re highly recommended to check out this storage unit lock because it’s able to be used both indoors and outdoors, and it comes with stainless steel construction for maximized strength. In addition to that, this padlock contains a shackle that is produced with boron-carbide, which can prevent people from having the ability to cut through the lock.

Not only that, but this storage unit lock comes with two keys when you purchase it, so you can keep one on your car keys as well as one at home. This prevents you from having to inconveniently break-in to your own storage unit if you lose one of the keys.

The key hole in this padlock is also covered in order to prevent other people from having the ability to temper with the key and break-in to your storage unit. Not only that, but having the key hole covered is also beneficial because it protects your padlock from being negatively affected by the weather.


Comes with 2 keys so you don’t have to worry when you lose one of them
Stainless steel construction
Can be used both indoors and outdoors, since it has a coating that’s weather-resistant


Some previous customers complain that the shackle doesn’t line up correctly in order to easily click it in

5. ABUS Granit Alloy Padlock
This padlock is highly recommended for you because it’s composed of granite alloy, which is one of the strongest materials that a padlock can be made with. Given that, this padlock comes with a 25,000-pound strength. This lock is also key-retaining for additional security.

The body of this padlock is optimum drill and pull-resistant, so you don’t have to worry about anyone breaking in to your storage unit. Not only that, but there is also a hardened steel plate on the bottom of the padlock in order to provide your with even more protection.

Furthermore, this padlock comes with a key that has a light on it, so you can easily see where the keyhole is in order to unlock your storage unit whenever you want. In order to prevent any rusting or corrosion fro occurring, the padlock also has a black Granit coating on top.


Considered to be one of the most secure padlocks in the world
Comes with a tensile resistance of over 6 tons
Drill and pull-resistant in addition to having a hardened steel plate


More expensive than most other products on the market

Overall, each of the locks included in this list is able to provide you with the ability to securely lock your storage unit without you having to worry about anyone breaking-in. Each of these locks prevents other people from having the ability to either cut through the shackle or drill through the lock in general. Given that, you should review this list as well as the specific features that each of the products are able to offer you, and should choose the one that works best for your specific needs. You can also contact your local locksmiths to get their second opinion on the lock you choose aswell.

We hope you enjoyed our article and are one step closer to choosing the best lock that fits your needs.