top 5 best locker locks

Top 5 Best Locker Locks

Whether you are trying to find a locker lock for your school, gym, or work locker, you want to make sure you find the best lock for your situation. The criteria to look at the best locker lock are durability, ease of use, and security. Let’s look at those criteria and then examine the top 5 best locks for lockers available now picked by your local locksmith professionals. This is very similar to our recent blog on the top rated padlocks, definitely check it out!


If you are buying locks for school lockers, you want to make sure the lock will at least last one school year, if not longer. Most locks can go through an entire school career with a student. Included with durability, you want to make sure that your lock can withstand trauma from intentional and unintentional sources.

Ease of Use

A lock that isn’t easy to use won’t get used properly. A student may leave the lock for the locker open or unlocked; just to make it easier to gain access in a rush. The easier the lock is to use, the more secure it is. Included with ease of use is the use of keys. While keys are easy to use, they are also easy to lose.


When you decide to buy a lock for lockers, you want whatever is inside to stay safe. That’s the whole reason behind locking your stuff. Making sure that the lock will withstand various ways to gain entry is important. It doesn’t matter if the lock has a combination, a key, or Bluetooth access, you want to make sure that your lock gives you the utmost security.

Top 5 best locks for lockers

1.) Stanley Hardened Steel Padlock

Let’s talk about a lock that ticks all of the criteria for a great lock: Stanley Hardened Steel Padlock

This lock is beyond durable because of the hardened steel. It will take a lot of work to break it off the locker and it will last for a very long time. It is very easy to use because there is no worry about forgetting a combination. Also, the core switches out of this lock and you can set it up to use the same key as your front door.

The main problems lie in user error: loss of the key. This type of lock is for the user who won’t lose the key or has a friend who can keep a spare on hand in case of an emergency. There is nothing like being in a hurry to your locker at school and not being able to get to your books or lunch because you can’t find the key!

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2.) Master Lock 1561DAST

This lock is the old standby, but there is a reason that it is so popular for lockers all around the world. The Master Lock 1561DAST is a very common lock, because it is very inexpensive. Coming in at about $5-$6 a pop, it is an affordable option for most everyone and their gym and school lockers.

This lock is inexpensive, but that doesn’t make it cheap! Master Lock is at the head of the class when it comes to lock durability. This hardened steel will take a beating before letting anyone in to your locker. This lock is best used indoors, as it isn’t weatherproof.

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3.) Master Lock 1534D

Some people have a very hard time remembering numbers. For those looking for something without keys and an easier-to-remember combination, in steps Master Lock 1534D with letters and numbers. You can set your own combination and it can be something that is easy to remember for you.

These locks are becoming much more popular and carry the same strength, durability, and inexpensive price point of the Master Lock family. This is a great lock to start a younger student out on, so that they have a combination that doesn’t slip out of their head at the most inopportune time. One flaw is user error when forgetting to reset the combination after use.

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Master Lock Lock Box, Electronic Portable Key Safe with Personal use Software Platform, 3-1/4 in. Wide, 5440D

4.) Master Lock 5440D

This lock blends the traditional lockbox with a technologically advanced gym lock. This lock can be controlled by your smart phone. You can check the locker lock and make sure that is still locked remotely. You can also unlock with a combination or your phone, without having to carry around keys.

One other cool feature it has is a tiny lock box in the lock. So, if you want to keep some small valuables extra safe, you have a place to do that. For example, a ring that you don’t want to just toss in to your gym bag can be tucked away securely inside.

You can control up to 10 locks with the app on your phone, too. You can watch your school lock, gym lock, storage locks, and more from one app. Also, if you want to share access with someone who you trust, you can temporarily allow them access to any of your locker locks.

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5.) Master Lock Padlock Bluetooth

If ease of use is your number one priority when it comes to locks, check out this high-tech lock. The Master Lock Padlock Bluetooth is a perfect blend of technology and security that you can’t get with a regular padlock for your locker. What you have is a very aesthetically pleasing, Bluetooth lock that can lock any type of locker, whether indoor or outdoor. It is waterproof and has a backup battery in case the dies.

Why is this so easy to use? Because if your cell phone is in your pocket and you approach the lock, it will open up for you. If you want to lock your phone in the locker, just disable that feature and your phone is safe inside. This lock might be the most simple to use on this list.

What are the downsides to this lock? It isn’t very strong. It will not take a hit from a hard object and stay intact. Easy to use, yes, definitely, but the security and durability are questionable, since it is so easy to destroy. A hard hit from a hammer or another heavy object will make this lock fail.

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After looking at the durability, ease of use, and security of a lock, you should be able to choose the best locker lock. After reviewing the top 5 locks on the market, there has to be one that is right for you or your student. If you are also in the market for storage locks, remember to check out our article on Storage Locks where we picked the top storage locks in the market.